Tuesday, April 29, 2008

"Knighty Knight"-New Dark Knight Posters

As Flava Flav would say, "Wooooow!"I just got geek brain freeze when I saw these on line. Mind you I'm already excited about the possible dopeness that this movie may (or may not) live up to. I think this movie has publicly put out the largest visual (poster) campaign of any of the Summer blockbusters so far. Expect to see shattered glass from vandalized bus depots that contain these ads in the near future. My "Grand Grand" (God bless his heart), thought that "Dark" meant that an African-
would be behind the mask this go round. I just laughed, and explained to him that the title would have to be "the Darkie Knight" for that to be possible. Also if Bruce (Lil')Wayne was black AND that rich, he would most likely be caught, like his "cousin" Blade, for tax evasion. Lol. To the "Black Cave" Robin!

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