Friday, April 18, 2008

"Who Got More Juice"- Pulp Friction

In an well planned media conference over the last two days, Orange Juice made it known to all present that he will no longer be known publicly as O.J. due to the current and on-going bad press the abbreviated name has been receiving (no) thanks to the former athlete that uses the same initials. Here's a tidbit of what was stated to the press,
"First of all, let me thank you for showing up SO early in the morning to hear me out. Have a complementary bagel and something to drink on me... Anything except Orange Juice of course (laugh). Seriously though, I gave this some deep thought and decided that "Citrus Juice" or "C.J." would be a more fitting name. In hopes to distance myself from Mr. Simpson's past actions, and the confusion it has caused purely because we share the same damn initials, and just that alone." End Quote.
There were some intensely emotional moments during his speech, especially when a staff member mistakenly took a sip of him. But he was quickly re-filled, and he continued on. Here's to C.J. I'll have a glass of that!

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