Monday, April 28, 2008

"I'm Nouveau Riche Bitch! -NEW Money Tues. @ Retreat

Oh, you thought you was getting up in that Estelle release party huh, but NO connects right? It's NEVER a lost, just hang tough w/ us over at Retreat. Where we're putting back the "life" in party life. Who waits for weekends anymore to party? Duh! That's SO ol' money...
Seriously. Starting tomorrow (Tues. April 29th) the Minority Report will be forming like "Voltron" with the Tues. night team to "SUPER-SIZE" your partying experience. And it won't cost you a dime, money. Say my name, say my name, at the door, and party for no money. I got you!


Retreat (37 W.17th bwtn 5th & 6th)
DJ Treats
(2 for 1 vodka drinks 11-12)
Free entry say "the Minority Report"
Special B'day for Katalyst Clothing's own Kat Diehl

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