Tuesday, April 22, 2008

"Got Brooklyn On Smash(ed)...Grapes!" -Wine Tasting w/ Live Performance

Now don't get me wrong, I love a dip in the Hennessy (w/Red Bull) pool at times but when I'm trying to get my "grown & sexy" (I HATE that saying) on, wine does the trick quite nicely. As the weather nices up, we're figured you wanted a mostly chill vibe type of social events to attend. Where the focus is on relaxed convo, people (fashion) watching, networking, and polite flirting. If you're not one to handle your spirits maturely and tend to become a "Grape Ape" after a few sips I suggest you sit this one out, and wait for an around the way cook-out jump-off to attend.
Here's the details;

YUME & 31 Bend present
Sat. April 26th
Loft 406 (YUME -925 Bergen St. near Franklin Ave.)
Female Body Art Exhibit
Live Performance
by Peter Hader
before 12pm

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