Tuesday, April 29, 2008

"...When The Van Is A Rockin' "-Van Hunt

I'll admit, I got up on this brother kinda late in the game. As a matter o' fact, scratch that, it's NEVER too late to discover good music. But once I got hip to his sound I was hooked! I started downloading.....errr, I meant buying, all this stuff I could get my hands (& ears) on. Anyways, Tues. besides the Estelle release party, and the tremendously HUGE event at Retreat (Nouveau Riche) Mr.Van Hunt himself, will be doing his thing up on the S.O.B. stage this Tues. night. The "hunt" is over for good music.

S.O.B.'S (Varick St. near W. Houston)

Tuesday, April 29th
8pm-show starts 9pm

Advance tix $20 /$22 at door

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