Thursday, December 11, 2008

"Sample My (Brian) Wood!" -The Holiday Sale Edition

Today my friends you're in a bit of luck! Our good friends over at Brian Wood would like for me to announce that TODAY (Thurs. Dec. 11th) he's inviting you to take part in a sample sale experience like none other. Starting at 6:30 you'll have access to all those goods that you've been "cyber stalking" in his collection of dry goods. So tell your boss you've fallen ill and need to leave work early, so you can stand in line (in the rain) with the other fashion fiends looking to buy "good wood" (No homo) Lol!

B.Wood -Sample Sale
World -187 Chrystie St.
F train to 2nd ave.

Tell 'em "the M report" sent you for 0% discount on all purchases over $1.oo

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718bodega said...

0% discount...lmaoooo

"Come Follow Me Into The Matrix"