Thursday, December 11, 2008

"Diamonds In the Rough" -Private Screening of "Very Young Girls"

One of the oldest professions will be seen in a new light with the helping hand of a just released documentary titled "Very Young Girls" which brings to light the seedy world of underage girls, recruited as street walker by older persuasive men. Narrated from the young girls (of GEMS) perspective, the doc raises the awareness of this seldom spoken about problem to the attention of viewers with dire urgency. If possible please feel free to come view it in the company of others tonight for the screening.

"Very Young Girls"-Private screening
White &Case LLP -1155 Ave. of the Americas 29th flr.
RSVP visit
Admission fee Movie ticket or gift card for one young girl

The film also premieres tonight on Showtime at 8:30pm


Anonymous said...

You know, these young women are not "diamonds in the rough", they ARE DIAMONDS period, who have been raped, abused and exploited by men.

It's not a profession. Fourteen year old girls do not have a profession. The are children.

Also, the men who bring them into the life of prostitution are not "older persuasive men", they are predators.

It's so amazing to me how even the most dire problems of our community continue to be glamorized. Can I please request that you take a moment to speak truthfully about this subject (and the film)and try to refrain from using euphemisms just because they sound pretty.

Child prostitution occurs in this country daily and there really is nothing glamorous about it.


Brought to you by the Letter "M" said...

You've already said it better than I ever could, so THANK YOU!

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