Monday, December 1, 2008

"Go! Go! Go Puma, It's Ya B'day!" -Puma Celebrates The Six Zero

Yes, the Puma brand IS old enough to be your Grandfather! But they're STILL fresher than you! And to rub it in your face even more look who they've lined you to help them celebrate. Star Trak's buzzed artist Chester French, the Knux, Harlem's rap renaissance man Charles Hamilton, and Jus Ske...Oh and you're invite too. Thing is you have to stop by any listed Puma store to pick up the FREE tickets to get in. Tell'em the Minority Report send you when you do to get the special (wink) treatment. See ya there tonight.

"I Am 60" -Puma Celebration
Music Hall of Williamsburg-66 N.6th Street
Doors open 9pm
Free w/ tix

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