Friday, December 26, 2008

"Flashing Lights" Paparazzi Pics (Pt.118)

Damn! SOME body's parents were awfully "busy" in the Spring time, cause this month B'day celebrations were a plentiful! Right? Check it, the other day after attending the Theophilus/Jeese show at the Annex, I had made it just in the nick of time to catch Cornerstone Marketing and good friend Kristen "Dior" Frasier's birthday candle blow out (whew!) without a second to spare. Good thing too, or you would've been reading about me in the paper the next day (lol). Then last Friday, both Tamara (Bryan) and Shavonne (Norris) had B'day parties on the SAME day too! Tamara did her's earlier after work in a quaint setting complete with $5 palm readings (courtesy of Ms.Rose) and a masseuse Allegra on hand (no pun intended). Good thing Shavonne had her B'day jammy at "Spree" (@ Deity) that snowy night, or I wouldn't have made it man! Thanks Vonnie, you rock by the way! Birthday shouts out also to the Sylistics Agency no# 1 chick, Ms. Ashley (Mui, who took flight back to the Bay, hurry back man) and "the Bearded Man" Ouigi (of the Brooklyn Circus). Live long and prosper.

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