Thursday, December 18, 2008

"We Interrupt This Broadcast..." A PSA For Friday Night!

Due to the OVERWHELMING rsvp response for "SPREE" at Deity tomorrow night (sheesh, you guys REALLY wanna save some bucks huh?) the list will be closed after TODAY people! So for all of you "well I'm not certain I'm going yet" folks don't wait for the last minute to send over your names. We don't need you showing up at the door with the sad (& cold) face on cause you had to fork over that extra $5 bucks (that could've been a drink). LOL! BK RETURNS!

Fri. Dec. 19th
Keistar Productions
along w/
the Minority Report


-A Pre-Holiday Celebration
Deity -
368 Atlantic ave. near Bond St.
$10 admission reduced w/rsvp

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