Friday, December 5, 2008

"There's A Mouse In My House!"-'Tooning In To Fashion

For those whom are unfamiliar with my weird, sometimes questionable, wardrobe choices. I've had a long on going attraction to vintage sweatshirts emblazoned with the iconic face of one particular mouse named "Mickey". Other than the fact that I enjoy the comments folks give when they notice not only am I a grown man wearing a sweater with Mickey on it, they take note and admit that it's been done with class too. To date I own about four (well five, if you count the rare Donald Duck one I have as well) and each one is a conversation starter (which I love too spark). But now the media has taken note of this and has given praise to me for been a trend setter as well! Hmmm, me? A trend setter? Well what'll you know? A minority trend setter!
Peep & click> "The NEW Mouseketeers"
There's some hoes in this Mouse!

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