Tuesday, December 2, 2008

"Heard Any Good Tip's Lately?" -Q-Tip Show & Mini Album Review

Question, are you planning to attend that Q-Tip show at the Nokia Theater tonight? Well I guarantee you that you won't have to wait on any long lines, and have to fight your way to the front of the stage to get "Tip Juice" splashed on you (ummm, by that I mean sweat folks, you nasty). Oh...how come? Simple, it's not gon' be there tonight. Yep, no lie it's been moved to the Highland Ballroom venue to accommodate the turn-out expected. So don't head over to the Nokia, ticket in hand, in the bleeding cold, sitting out front looking stupefied. I TOLD you man in advance! Thank me l8r.

Tues. Dec 2nd

"2K Sports Bounce Tour"
Q-Tip and The Cool Kids
w/ The Knux and Pacific Division

*Moved from Nokia Theatre to Highline Ballroom.

All tickets honored.*

"Abstract Art"- The Renaissance Review
Have you picked it up yet? Okay, but have you LISTENED to it? I mean sit down and give it your utmost attention? Nice right? It's good to know that he still respects the craftsmanship of rapping and still knows that you can push the boundaries and come out on top. Off the bat, the two dance floor fillers I dig are "Gettin' Up!" (which is the 1st single) and "Move" (that samples "Dancing Machine" by the Jackson 5 quite nicely). If you've been missing and longing for a Tribe reunion you'll still have to wait. Dang! He could've thrown Phife on at least ONE joint right?! Come on, 8 bar even? Lol, go get it NOW!

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