Tuesday, December 9, 2008

"The Joke's On You Jack!" -The Dark Knight DVD Hits Home

I swear it seems these days like when you just finish watching a movie at the theater and go home you see a commercial for the DVD coming out! The Dark Knight returns today, but not to save Gotham. This time it's to take $20 more out our pockets to view the movie for the 5th time, this time in the comfort of our homes a million more. You may notice once you get it home that the added "extra" features are Joker laughable. Which can only mean...Yet another DVD super duper, deluxe exclusive, limited edition version will hit shelves again next year this time. Damn, look at the time! Gotta run and secure my copy before EVERYWHERE runs out! Meanwhile peep this featurette & enjoy.

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so the experience is over! i can descend back down from the movie heavens (back to reality) and begin my life anew. i just saw "the dark knight"! one question before i completely sober up from this high; what the hell was all the fuss about? i know what the world thought (mostly told) they saw, but here's what i wasted 2 hours and 32 minutes of my life on.
1) christian bale's over/under acting of batman. ladies and gentlemen, the man couldn't even decide what voice the character should have. this was the second installment of the movie, and the main star is (the over-rated one) still can't decide if batman should sound like a creepy pedophile turned vigilante or ken kenif from the eminem records. also, anyone who plays the same role in any movie shouldn't have "complications" with playing that character.
2) heth ledger's so-called "legendary" performance of the joker. okay, the man is dead, we get it! but the posthumous praise for playing a psychopathic killer was unnecessary. if anyone has ever read a batman comic, or if you've even seen the tim burton production of the movie, than you know. this wasn't the joker. this was a modern-day hollywood extreme version of the joker. he was basically a mass murderer with make-up on his face. where was the "joke"? the joke was the movie itself and the punch line was getting zombie like masses to rush out to see it. i'm sure the cast and crew ( well, mostly the main star, director and producer, production company, and distributors) truly appreciate $155 million dollars in three and 1/2 days. 3) the story was dry, poorly developed, and unintelligent. let's delve into that for a second.
me personally, i think these movies are....distracting at best. why so many super hero movies? mircowave, cardboard cut out pieces of work that have already been established for the people who decide to make a "movie adaptation" of them. the actors have tons of research material ( comics, tv shows, past movies, graphic novels, etc.) to work with. so when someone says something like; "he played such a great role", i say "how much work does it take for a so-called professional (paid professional) to pull off replaying/ playing an over played role"? not much! anyway, more about the movie itself. so batman begins ended with jim gordon informing batman of the joker's presence, but when first mentioned in the dark knight, batman shrugs the joker off as if he doesn't matter. i know it may not make sense to alot of people but, foreshadowing is there for a reason. the concept of batman has lost it's flare! the under development of characters (harvey dent/ two face), the lazy fight scenes, self-rightous characters' actions, and anti-climatic ending made this movie a colossal waste of time. what did we walk away from this movie with? unless you're one of those people who i mentioned earlier, nothing much at all.
in the words of huey freeman; "you know, we could all be reading a book right now"!

"Come Follow Me Into The Matrix"