Friday, December 19, 2008

"From Us To You!" -The Last One Of The Year! The Gift!

To end our un-official (but it's really official!) EVERY last Friday party at Tamboril, we're pulling out all the stops to make it the BEST one yet! Why you ask? Oh just cause the energy level coming off the night before (Christmas) will be past 10!
We're been fortunate to have almost each one fall close or on a holiday weekend and this one will complete the series. Come join us for the ending and the start of something NEW.

Friday Dec. 26th (after X-mas)
"the Gift"
Tamboril -527 Myrtle Ave. near Grand
Music by the ever so popular Ahficionados
Hosted by The Minority Report, GUTS, & Daoud (Coup D'Etat)
Absolutely FREE admission all night

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