Friday, December 26, 2008

"Flashing Lights" -Paprazzi Pics (Pt.119)

Boy do I LOVE a good house! Especially if it has ALL the right elements. Good background music, free drinks and/or food, women who are easy on the eyes, AND can hold a great convo, Plus an element of "drunk flirtatious-ness" (new slang) lingering around the room. I'm there! Last Sat I lucked up on not one, not two, but THREE parties just like that all on the SAME night! After last minute shopping in "Billyburg" with comrades Erica "Eazy-E" & Harry, I linked up 'round 8ish w/Steph "Con 4" O'Conner so we can split a cab to go to a far off land in Brooklyn called Sunset Park (I owe you $ cab Steph, so remind me okay). By some strange coincidence, the house party she had to attend, was like only FOUR block from where I had to go (which was Butch Diva's Tiff crib). Weird huh? Yet MAD convenient. Anyways, Tiara (Chameleon) showed face, along with her Rugby co-workers in tow, and her dearest socialite sis. German "house guest" Destiny, and a couple of new and old faces rounded out the bunch, to make it a nice intimate holiday setting. Midway through, I sneaked off to see the "lay of the land" at this other shindig Steph put me on to. Now that one, was the TOTAL opposite my friend! Lights off, music pumping, bedroom for the coat check, high demand for wall space for slow grinding! A straight hooky party folks! I immediately sent a "kite" to "I'm running late" L.A. (Lyshaan). An got a "I'm in route" response right back. When he finally showed, I headed back and rallied all Tiff's left over guests to head back to the second joint. After closing up shop there, I STILL had to make it over to Fly Lady Di's "going away" house party, to say my goodbyes. Once up stairs inside, I was shocked when I walked in on her "tongue kissing" some random bucket I never saw before...while folks were watching! Before I arrived, rumor was she was getting really intimate with the toliet before "Mr. Bucket" got some face time with her. LOL! If I EVER leave Brooklyn, I'm doing it drunk too (minus the throwing up though)! So without further ado, this is (some of) what I saw.


Charece said...
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Charece said...

You people(dont take that the wring way)sure do know how to party...can I get an invite to the next shindig(s)?

FLY LADY DI said...

lol... oh man i never thought i'd see these photos. how embarassing! geez thanks for posting haha... i'm gonna blog these too thanks AL!

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