Wednesday, December 17, 2008

"The NeXt-Men!" -New Movement From Your Favorite New Artist

Seems like EVERYTIME I turn around these guys are pumping out new hot music or setting the stage on fire somewhere around the city...umm excuse me, country. Good thing I dig these cats, or I would get SICK about hearing about them! No hate, but DAMN share the spotlight fellas. Must you shine ALL the time? Lol. Click away to bring yourself up to speed on all that they're doing (videos, new music, shows, etc)

Melo X has: HEAT!

Print has:

Theophilus London:

Jesse Boykins III has: LOVE!

& Miss Lady Shyvonne FINALLY has: Focus & Drive!

(*Click on what's in red ^)

Wed. Dec. 17th

Theophilus London & Jesse boykins III
The Annex- 152 Orchard St.
Doors open 8:30 showtime 9

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