Monday, December 22, 2008

"The Bigger, (Really Is) The BETTER!" -The Overweight Lover In the House!

Hey there, just wanted to share a tidbit of news I randomly came across the other day, about some study the University of Colorado was doing on sexually active differences between "thick-boned'd" women and "slimmies." Long story short, the study found that 92% (92% son!) of women considered "over
by society's standards (I like to call'em "meaty sweeties") are MORE sexually active than there thinner peers! Talk about "to thin to win" huh? Or better yet, the "more the merrier" is true in this case right? Bottom line, what I'm REALLY trying to say is, don't stare at me with those judging eyes if you happen to see me out and about, gallivanting around town with a lady, past size 8 on my arm. I'm conducting my own "field research" okay!?! "Dimes" are nice, but you get more with "quarters" apparently. Lol. Hmmm, I wonder if that ol' school song
"More Bounce to the Ounce"
was referring to this?


FLY LADY DI said...

MAD FUNNY! AS a voluptuous vixen myself... i truly dig (and know that the study is mad correct)!

of the 92% percentile,

Fly Lady Di

Lil' Nay said...

I def got more attention when I was heavier. When I lost a lot of my "thickness" guys didn't really look at me anymore. haha

"Come Follow Me Into The Matrix"