Wednesday, December 3, 2008

"What's Beef?" -When Burger King(dom) Come!

Ummm, can somebody please tell me when did Burger King turn gangster? First, I started noticing the change in accessories. A pinky ring, plus a two finger ring (?) that probably reads "BK", and that HUGE (Nas QB like) medallion piece now hanging from his neck! Then they go and add the (wink) "BK (W)rapper" to their menu. Now not only are they firing "BK Shots", they're looking for "Burger Virgins" world wide! What next a slogan that reads "Have it your mother f@#*in' way Son?" or even gullier "You want beef with me?" And don't think I didn't notice the "two guns firing " pose he's doing in this promo picture here, circulating on the web! I overheard somewhere that you have to be "jumped in" to work there now? Word? Boy I tell you, time are getting tough nowadays. Mickey D's is even doing R&B Chicken McNugget videos and we're supposed to be moving ahead?

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