Monday, December 8, 2008

"Yes We Can...Oh No He Didn't" -10 Things to Avoid As A Black President

Though he may like it not, President Obama will not only be carrying the weight of being the "Leader of the Free World", he'll also be the poster child of "All things Black men represent" once he's sworn in come January. So I took it upon myself to write up a quick reference sheet, or guide as one may say, of some things he may wanna steer clear of in hopes to keep up his "Will Smith" like image. Now let's break it down.

1) For the love of God please don't start doing your speeches in Auto-Tune (like T-Pain, Lil'Wayne, Kanye, and whoever else that uses it.)

2) Stay away from putting monitors in the head rest of your limo.

3) And while you're at it no rims on the Secret Service SUVs either.

4) Please NO pictures of you and Michelle chilling in St. Tropez on a yatch in ya'll swim wear, taking champagne to the head.

5) Better yet, no shots of Michelle coming down the Air Force One stairs or getting out a limo w/out any panties on (well...maybe one lol!)

6) Throwing up a flat screens in the Oval Office to watch TV, while you get your hair cut (w/ that "O" logo shaved into the back of your head).

7) Stay away from plump groupie interns stalking you at public appearances! Learn from Bill!

8) Abusing your power to get court side tickets to all the NBA play-off games.

9)Avoid starring in a reality show called "the O, You Ain't know?", with your entourage of Chi-town homies.

10) And lastly PLEASE OH PLEASE don't start your Inauguration speech off with "Where all my REAL educated, voting niggas at in here?! Throw your hands up where I can see'em! Yeah, now that's what I'm talkin' bout! Make some noise! Barack IS IN the building!"

Please comment and add to the list, I may have forgot some. Lol

"Come Follow Me Into The Matrix"