Saturday, January 26, 2008

"Sip, Sip, Sippin' On Sizzrupp!" -IHOP BKLYN

About two weeks ago I received an urgent e-mail from a "commuting comrade" of mine that's a self-professed "pancake addict" that contained a link which took me to a "pancake chat room" like forum (yeah,who knew?), and the topic of discussion was "Why isn't there an IHOP in BK?" Word up! No lie. Not but 2 mins. later I get another e-mail stating that Britney's a crazy B word...and how she's found an IHOP downtown Brooklyn so we have to now! I could just see her taping her veins as she sent the message (lol). She (we'll call her "Sisi" to protect her identity) and her close friend claim that they luv'em so much it may as well be named "the International CRACK House of Pancakes" seriously. After being seated by a waiter (who looked as if the "Rooti, Tooti, Fresh 'N Fruity w/nuts" was a personal tribute to him), it was face to plates and elbows to the tables. No spooning tonight, just a whole lot of forking! After eating, the "2 woman pancake cult" recruited me and I became an "International Lover" too. If you flip over flapjacks here's the addy:
276 Livingston Street, Brooklyn New York
Mon-Thurs. 6am-10pm, Fri.-Sun. 7am-12pm

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