Tuesday, January 15, 2008

"The Other NY Giant(s)" -Cloverfield Review

After all the on-line hype, the countless trailers and the 30 some odd TV spots every other minute,
I honestly was excepting to walk into a disaster... literally. Nothing these days usually lives up to the hype. You know what I'm talking about...
Spiderman 3
, Superman, the last Matrix, shall I go on? But for some reason this felt different, new even.
To call it "Blair Witch meets Godzilla" would not do it justice. There's a little bit more to it, and that something is
humor. Yep, besides the raw emotion of genuine fear, a good laugh of two are thrown in at the characters expense. The "party scenes" that you've seen in the trailer are just used as a plot set up for back story purposes, and for you the viewer, to even care about the folks involved. At one point I got so into the dialogue, I had forgotten that the action hadn't even started yet (lol)! But once it does start, it's good money.
My only true beef with the movie was, there was not a lot
of emotional investment felt from the characters. Real talk,
it would've been WAY more "WTFs" and "Oh S#its! " And one good,
"Dude, you're bugging the eff out right now, & it's not cool!"
If you ask me. All and all, I enjoyed the movie and would recommend it...on DVD. Just kidding. (wink)

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