Wednesday, January 23, 2008

"So 'Berry Addictive"

Ummm, question?
How long have I been sleeping?
Cause I got rudely awakened by the latest 'Berry craze recently.
Whilst taking a ho-hum stroll. perusing through SoHo, I received a call from a friend to meet up at one of these Pinkberry locations. Upon reaching my destination, I bared witness to a line that could be best described as "cult-like." It was as if "Jesus had a book signing at Barnes & Noble."
Perhaps "Sex and the City" was using this as a set location for their upcoming movie... No? I was wrong in both cases,
it was sincerely for this "frozen heroin" of a desert w/trimmings.
When I inquired about the wait, 15, 20 even 30 was not an uncommon answer. Urban legend has it that only 7 exist in the whole Tri-state area, which is sorta like showing a new Lord of the Rings movie in only 6 Manhattan. So that kinda half explained the line, but it gotta be more to this "cold case" right? As I cut the line
(just looking for my friend), folks got all "Stinkberry" with me.
Is it THAT serious? Must be cause, that same "friend"
never even offered a small spoon filled tasting of hers. Back turned, barely talking between gulps. Sheesh. I would not be shocked if I saw a bouncer holding a clipboard, next to a velvet rope, on our next visit. Yeah it's official, Pink is the new Black...Berry!

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