Thursday, January 3, 2008

POLITICS: "Vote Or Die Trying"

Picture a guy in a large room...Pitch dark...Looking for a penny...Blindfolded! You now have a pretty good idea of my personal viewpoint as far as politics are concerned. But nowadays with it being an Election year and all, you can't avoid forming some type of opinion thanks to all the widespread mass media coverage, the endless debates, countless caucuses, etc. etc. ray ray ray. One thing without question that everyone even the casual follower can admit is, whatever the outcome Nov.7th will be HISTORIC!

WOW! Even Ms.Cleo didn't see this one coming...Obama's (aka O Boogie) big win in Iowa.
My prediction is that he'll use this win as a launching pad to O-ffically kick off what his camp will call
Creating and selling a line of graphic t-shirts w/catchy sayings like:
"The BARACK is in The Building!",
"Can You Smell What BARACK Is Cooking?",
"Save the Drama for OBAMA"
"We Will, We Will BARACK You!",
"Iowa Lot to You...Thanks."
And my persoal fav,
"Once You Go BARACK, You NEVER Go Back!"
He'll use the profits to help fund the remaining leg of his campaign tour. Leading to a landslide victory come Election Day.
"I'm Over the Hil"tees will be the must-have Obama memorabilia for avid collectors once he's sworn in in Jan. '09.

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