Sunday, January 27, 2008

"Don't Call It A Come Barack..."-Obama Wins

See, I told you dudes don't underestimate ya boy "O Diddy!"
pulled a 'Ye (as in Kanye) move down in South Carolina
with a much needed win over the other candidates.
Not only did he win, he won BIG.
Besting his opponents with a 43 percent win, which is damn near HALF the votes.
Yesterday my close cousin, called to say that Obama's victory
has sparked a new dance craze down in the Carolina's.
A sort of a "Victory Dance" one may say,
called the"Electric Landslide!"
Don't be shocked if you hear some local S.C. rapper named
something crazy like"Lil' Yung Boss Money"
jump on the bandwagon and create a song around the dance,
(Hmmm...Maybe I should get that copyrighted.)
Cause YOU KNOW that that's gonna happen. Guaranteed.
I don't know 'bout you man,
but I find it kinda exciting that Politics are being spoken about with the same enthusiasm as some sporting event play-offs.
It's not viewed as taboo like it once was, to voice who you support.
It's starting to look like '08 maybe the year that the White House gets a fresh coat of paint.
Know what it mean? Dig what I'm saying? (Wink)

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