Sunday, January 27, 2008

"Dead Man Gawking"-the A.D.A.M Project

I don't if you caught the little snippet of an article that the Metro ran front page center Friday. But long story short, it read that a 30 yrs. young, Brooklyn based artist (Nate Hill)
obsessed with salvaging dead animal carcass, has reconstructed his finds to resemble a human man whom he affectionately calls A.D.A.M. (A Dead Animal Man). My first thoughts were that's some F.R.E.A.K. (F word Really Eerie Animal Krap) stuff, but kept an open mind about the whole thing, remembering it is "art" right? The article also noted that "Young Freakenstein" was hosting a ONE DAY ONLY showing of his years long creation. And not only was this art showing located in the was to be to in MY hood. So you know, being the blogger that I am, I HAD to peek my head in to see what the commotion was about
(plus posted on his web site it mentioned a free offering of beer). So off I went, to the WRONG address at 1st (sorry Ms. Willis if I startled you, my bad.) Then walked over to the correct one.
The only hint that something was even going on, was a sign posted on the front door saying:
"Art Show -Top floor, Top Buzzer." Once on the top floor, a mask was offered to all in attendance (which I BADLY needed, but they were out of), because the stench was EPIC!
The vibe inside was strangely similar to that of a wake, I guess it sorta was for the animals.
(Where's PETA when you need them?) Being the ONLY black dude in the spot (other than the artist and his Dad) folks were looking at me like I personal killed the animals.Note; holding your nose and taking pictures are not recommended.BAD MOVE. Especially when my phone fell out and nearly dropped on the exhibit. Oops. Mission: Get in, take pics, get the Hell outta there. End of story.Well that was basically my Saturday evening in a nut shell. I'd show you the pics but I'm eating right now.

Here's a "grocery list" of the animals he amazingly pieced together:
A chicken, cow, conch, crab,
deer, dog, duck, eel, fish, frog,
lobster, rabbit, one friendly shark.

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