Sunday, January 20, 2008

"It Was All A Dream..."

"Almost always, the creative dedicated MINORITY has made the world better."
-Dr.Martin Luther King Jr.

Well said Martin, well said. As we embark on the 22nd (yes, it's that young) observance of Dr. King's birthday/holiday celebration, one can only wonder how far have we come to living his DREAM...let alone our own? Sure you can make a point that Oprah's getting her "OWN" cable channel, a Black man and a Woman are presidential candidates, plus record sells and the charts are dominated by black artist, but we still have oh so far to go. While doing research for this post, I was shocked to discover that our appointed Prez. at the time (Regan) was publicly opposed to passing the bill to make every 3rd Mon. of Jan an official holiday. And it was only through "the largest petition in U.S. history" and a slaughtering landslide vote in the House of Representatives, that we now honor the late King. Stevie Wonder's song played an important role as well, it's popularity helped rally support and bring attention to this noble cause.
Dream on dreamer!

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