Friday, January 4, 2008

MOVIES: "Hot Buttered Popcorn!"

This year in film can only be summed up by one phrase only,
"Get Yo Geek On!"
MARVEL vs D.C. plays out of the silver screen finally (...well sort of)
"The Incredible Hulk" and "Iron Man" double up against
"The Dark Knight" The winner...Batman, word is he has a "Joker" up his sleeve.
Will Smith ("Hancock") vs. his new BFF Tom Cruise ("Valkyrie"). Two words...Summer madness!
"Speed Racer" vs "Get Smart" vs "Sex and the City" Tune in to these three TV favorites.
Who will gain "commercial" success?
We'll have another "Harry (Potter)", "Hellboy(2)", and "Harold (& Kumar) on our hands.
For the fanboys "Fanboy", "Star Trek", and (yes finally) another "Indiana Jones" movie.
Not forgetting to mention a new addition to the "Naria" series, "Cloverfield." "Bond" (#22),
"Wanted," "10,000 B.C." The unholy trinity of Pacino, De Niro, and Jackson (as in in 50 Cent) in "The Righteous Kill." and lastly Pixar's "Wall*E"rounding out just SOME of the must sees.

Forget last year's "I Am Legend"... I Am Broke will the buzzed about movie drama in '08.
I will...
A) Start dating foreign style I.E. Dutch as opposed to African-American style. Or...
B) Get mad cool with the street corner foreign exchange student Mr. D.V. D'botlega.
I never ask, & he'll never tell. Umm can I get 3 for 10?

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