Tuesday, January 15, 2008

"Allow Me to Re-Introduce Myself..."

What is

Take Pop culture, Performing arts, Fashion forecasting, Social commentary, Political views, and good ol' fashion Gossip, and place them in a mixing bowl. Pour water, and stir. Then add Entertainment news, Tech advances, Movie and Music reviews, with a pinch of sarcasm plus some dry wit for good measure. And toss'em all into a blender. That's pretty much the idea I had when deciding to create this blog. Sort of a one-stop shop for the "minority" of folks that like to keep abreast of the ever-changing world around them but just don't have the time.

Glad you asked. There are a few answers to that. First one being that I feel that only a "minority" of taste makers set the trends for the majority who follow them. Hopefully if you are reading this,
you're someone that's in this "minority."
Another answer would be that Tom Cruise's movie
(the Minority Report) had an influence to some extent too. His character was a "law enforcing foreseer" that was trying to predict, change, and re-direct destiny. The blog will attempt to do the same, with social info to keep you head of everyone else.
At least by a step or two.
Lastly, I felt the word "minority" for so many years carried a stigma attached to it. Pretty much like a cousin to the "N" word.
I thought it would be cool to turn it on it's head and make people say that they're a "minority" with a sense of pride.

Simple, I just wanted a voice for the many interest that I and so many other "minorities" like myself have. The Minority Report will become a forum for mature, cool, trendy folks to exchange
open-minded opinions on topics of the day in a respectful manner...
God willing. Great photos accompanied by personable articles, and a rare download from time to time too.

"Brought to you by the Letter M?"

Oh that...That's just a silly ode to Sesame Street I put with all the postings. Whose who watched will get it.

Well... it's just me for now. But I am looking for "Minority Reporters" to guest contribute from time to time
just to mix things up a bit. I don't know EVERYTHING
and can't be EVERYWHERE. So a 'lil help couldn't hurt.
Writers, Photogs, + Music and Movie reviewers
are on my short list, where help is needed.
is my contact.

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