Wednesday, January 30, 2008

"Run" Tell Dat-Gnarls Barkley Returns

Trying to find leaked, bootlegged, live or even voice recording of these cats on the Internet is like looking for "Morpheus" inside the "Matrix!" Can't explain how they manage to do it, in a time where another artist's whole album gets posted on the net... Gnarls Barkley are digital ghost (lol). Crazy huh? No pun intended..well maybe (sue me.) But at last patience prevails, because today I finally got a glimpse of hope that one of few favored groups I actually long to hear has a song circulating the "waves" now. After the first listen, then running the song back twice before I formed an unbiased opinion. I gotta, say number one, that I like it. And secondly it reminds me of something that would've gotten into the Cloverfield soundtrack, or at least the end credits. Here you have a listen, I'm not stingy wit mine.

OOPS (I spoke too soon, file has been removed, sorry)

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