Friday, January 25, 2008

"A Dark Night" -Heath Ledger

Yesterday, while walking from one Trade Show venue to the next, curiosity had drawn me over to the SoHo apartment building that Heath Ledger once resided and was recently discovered dead in. As a got closer, it became apparent that some many other's felt the same based on the amount of messages of condolence that were left by the entrance doorway.
Even though it was brightly lit from all the media cameras set up and lighting, it still strangely felt intimate. It was only until two cars collided
(I'm guessing one of the drivers was taken by the scene too) that people started to speak amongst the crowd gathered. Observing all of the news vans and various cords and thick wires connected to the numerous satellite feeds and what not, I couldn't help but think, how much more of this story can the media milk?
Must we know EVERY minute detail of his tragically unexpected death? And why must it be report from in front of dudes (now former) crib? What he ate, who he called, how he sleep, and what toothpaste the man was using minutes before he died are NOT need to know issues people! I don't remember them doing this when Kanye's mom passed. Let the location be a meeting ground for his true fans to pay their respects, without the "circus" spotlights. They CAN film from across the street can't they?
Sadly another great acting talent gone from the world too soon. Who would've though it, him before Britney huh?

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