Monday, January 21, 2008

"And the Winner Is..."-the Great Debaters review

Yes I know, I'm late on this. Why didn't I see this sooner? It's just for me, if I don't get around to seeing a movie within the 1st two weeks of release I figure I'll purchase it once the DVD is released.
But after hearing so much positive testimony from so many different people (my mom included), I began to feel like it was a moral disservice if I didn't see this film. (which by the way is). It's that good. I couldn't help but think, what better way to spend Dr. King's B-day/
than by viewing an inspirational film that deals with racial indifferences. It was refreshing to see a Black film make it to the screen with two strong male leads,and a great supporting cast of young fresh faced actors that wasn't based on a dance off contest. Or 24hrs. around somebody's hood (sorry Cube).
Debaters worked for me on a lot of levels. To begin with, each frame could have easily been made into a still and hung in a Downtown gallery. Secondly, I wouldn't be surprised if the wardrobe became the inspiration for some designer next season (hint:Bow ties are in). Then lastly none of the typically stereotypes were placed in a film based on Southern blacks. Such as the overplayed drawl, and drastically
poor trappings, we're so use to seeing in these types of period pieces. All except for the "wayward bad-boy" type character the Great Debaters escapes those pitfalls that plague other films. The Oscars are being announced today, I would be shocked if this film's name didn't show up in ANY of the categories. Don't debate seeing this film.

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