Sunday, January 6, 2008

TECH: "Let's stay in iTouch..."

(This one's a no-brainer)
In a never ending quest to dominate and rule as "King of Hand Held Devices" Apple in true tradition will release their 2nd gen models of iTouch phones (iTouch Nano & Shuffle). Making the one you JUST brought obsolete.
I.E. Smaller prices,sizes,but more GB's.
Holding more numbers of more people whom I don't care to reach out and "iTouch."

Apple will recruit tween pop/R&B singer Omarion to perform (in silhouette of course) his past Neptune produced hit "Touch" to promote a cheaper priced iTouch to an even "younger and hipper" than you demographic. Making it the "IT" item for yet another year. All the kids will be pointing and snicking saying,
"Hey look at Gramps over their w/ the vintage iTouch!" Take the "T" out man...iOuch :(

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