Tuesday, January 22, 2008

"After the (Trade) Shows..."

"...It's the after parties!"

Every Jan. along with the cold weather,already felled New Year's resolutions, and Super Bowl
(go Giants!) hysteria, comes the fashion industry trade shows around New York. So, to keep you in the know, I'm posting two that you have to come out and be fly at. One is an early gathering filled w/ movers, shakers, and no BS takers. Then later, you and your entourage can go post up over at Hiro Ballroom, where the titans of the game will be entertaining folks at. RSVP is a must for the 1st one. Tell'em the Minority Report sent cha.

Tues, Jan. 22nd

LAT 4ON "Official After Party"
Studio 450 (450 W. 31st St. betwn. 10th & 11th)
RSVP: rsvp@lat40N.com (mandatory)
Come out early, grab a drink* (*from the Open Bar 8-10:30)
and enjoy the view...both the people and the skyline.
Sounds by Jean Claude and Kusakabe (of Mackdaddy fame)

Tues, Jan 22nd

Live Mechanic x Complex Mag x 42 Below present
Hiro Ballroom (371 W. 16th St. betwn 8th & 9th)
This is the spot to be seen at come Tues.
The guest list will read. "EVERYONE and they mama +1"
Seriously, just peep the bottom of the invite. WHO won't be here?
I just know that you better be.
Sounds by Biz Markie, Roxy Cottontail, Kesh, DJ Treats, and Marcus

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