Saturday, January 26, 2008

"Doin' Tai Bo in my Bow Tie" -the Fly Spy

Man, can I tell you how I couldn't wear won of these a few years back without one "Orville Redenbacher" or "Brother Bean Pie" remark. Wait...I still get the double takes, but the comments are less common. Either people that know me given up, or it has officially become a trend to watch and a bow tie sighting is not out of the norm. Frankly speaking, I really only have three, if you're counting the one that I wear untied "Frank Sinatra" Frat Pack style. I'm starting to notice 'em EVERYWHERE lately. On the Rugby employees, in Club Monoco (which is also owned by Ralph Lauren), in Movies (the Great Debaters), even Mr. Softee's rocks one. Seems like the Fruit of Islam is either going hard recruiting, or sexy IS really back. Soon I'll post a Part 2. to this for those, including myself, that would like to learn how to finally tie the damn thing for Pete's sake.

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