Saturday, January 26, 2008

"I Found A Great APT"-Release Event Tonight

Now I usually avoid going out on the weekends. Only because, truth be told clubs on the weekends in NYC tend to attract that "Bridge & Tunnel, I'm visiting the states and I'm leaving in the morning, I just got laid off and I'm so depressed that I need to get really drunk" crowd.
However when something like this comes my way,that whole logic flies in the wind. Tonight, APT will play host for the release of 52 Beats 2008 with Special Guest Grandmaster Roc Raida on board for the ride. Dope right?
Now go be lonely in a crowd in someone else's "APT" for a change.
Saturday. Jan 26th TONIGHT!
(419 W.13th St. betwn. 9th Ave.& Washington)
Admission $10
Music by DJ Chairman Mao
Hosted by Grandmaster Roc Raida

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