Sunday, January 13, 2008

"On Another Note..." -Hypnotic Brass Ensemble

You ever had one of those close to perfect days, where it seems like everything is just clicking for you? First off it was a (payday) Friday, I had just gotten off of work. The weather was clearing up rather nicely and I had just randomly ran into and reconnected with two long-lost friends (one being a best friend of mine). So you can imagine, I was ending my day on a pretty high note. That's until I had happened upon a Subway performance group that took it to a whole other level. I had strolled past mid-song ("Balicky Bon") and was floored!
These young cats was KILLIN' it and had the crowd to prove it.
Just picture four trumpeters, two trombonists, a drummer and a saxophone player calling themselves the Hypnotic Brass Ensemble, getting "rained on" with legal tender by a gathering of 50 or more passer's by... in the middle of rush hour... in Times Square!
I forked over $15 bucks for a CD to take home for a listen,
which further proved that these dudes is "the new Truth."
Non-believers can just take a peep over at their blog, and yes like you, they too have a Myspace (.com/hypnoticbusiness) page. But the Minority Report recommends a tour 'round the ol' Youtube for more proof that these cats can blow!

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