Saturday, January 26, 2008

"Holly-hood"- Doubt films in Brooklyn

When returning home from some forgettable event I had attended that evening, I stopped to notice the numerous amounts of hot pink postings taped to every single lamp post I pasted. On closer inspection, it read that there is to be
"NO PARKING" on Sunday Evening (6am-8pm),
due to the fact that a movie production company would be filming in and around my 'Stuy. I managed to take one down, to bring home to do more research. After some intense "googling" I came to find that "Doubt" began as a novel, then became a hit play on B'way. And now they're givin' it the silver screen treatment. The casted lead actors are some heavy hitters too,
Oscar winners
Meryl Streep and Phillip Seymour Hoffman and a few others I don't really know or care to mention. Here's a tidbit what the movies about:

Set at a Catholic school in the Bronx* in 1964, Doubt concerns an older nun (Streep), who does not approve of teachers' offering friendship and compassion over the discipline she feels students need in order to face the harsh world. When she suspects a new priest (Hoffman) of sexually abusing a black student, she is faced with the prospect of charging him with unproven allegations and possibly destroying his career as well as her own. Oscar worthy right!
(*When did the Bronx ever look like Brooklyn?)

If you dig watching film production, hopeful of being an extra, autograph seeker, live in the neighborhood and wanna know, or simply just nosey,
Here are the dates and locations they'll be filming:
Mon. Jan 28th-Fri. Feb 4th 6am-8am
Nostrand Ave. betwn Jefferson and Macon
Halsey betwn. Marcy and Arlington Place
Hancock betwn. Nostrand and Marcy
Macon betwn. Nostrand and Verona Place
McDonough St. betwn.Tompkins and Marcy

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