Saturday, January 12, 2008

"Raw Like Sushi"

Sorry Tony, in '08 eating out Italian style is considered "whack(ed)". The La Cosa Nostra of food no longer run the streets. According to Food & Gourmet sources polled, Japanese restaurants are taking over like the Yakuza when it comes to being the No.#1 choice of eatery in NYC. Over 200 NEW Japanese dining destinations will be opening within this year alone, and the beginning of next, to accommodate New Yorkers growing demand for the now trendy tasters choice. For beginners: Start off small & cruise the Japanese dining district, around the 9th St./St. Mark's area betwn. 2nd & 3rd Ave. Plenty of great 1st time choices over there.

The Minority Report
highly recommends Yakiniku West.
It's BBQ style, meaning you'll be required to cook some of your own meal.
Warning: (wear clean socks) the shoes come off at the door, but you won't lose your shirt from the prices.But if it's on the Company's card, then by all means "Get ya (California) roll on" at some of the
higher end places like, Tao, Nobu, Megu, or even Ono.
Tell'em the Minority Report sent you.

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