Sunday, August 10, 2008

"And I Wonder...Ghetto Mysteries Vol.2"

Okay, Now we're off to a GREAT start! So here's Vol.2 of the growingly popular NEW feature "Ghetto Myster-
(Btw I'm STILL looking for some answers to the first volume!) But let's keep it moving and proceed without further ado.

1.Why do you think you can get away with saying "No Homo" yet your sagging pants state otherwise?

2. How is it that your making my hero sandwich with no gloves on, no hair net, with a CAT (!) living in your store, and it's all legit?

3. Where are you going to work at, that allows a Yankee hat accompanied by a do-rag in their dress code?

4. Why is the Security in MY bank, around MY money, someone that used to get beat up in High School EVERYDAY (or old and sleeping)?

5.When did it become okay to step on my foot, and just stare back at me or say "My bad" instead of "Sorry" or even better "Excuse me."

6. Tell me, is it easier to say "The baby's father..." then to simply just say his NAME? Is it a secret? Wait, do you even KNOW his name? Awwww, DAMN gurl!!!

7. Ummm, pardon me for askin' Mr. Baller but, instead of "buying out the bar" every Friday/Saturday night, wouldn't it be smarter to just save and buy out the club?

8. Is it okay for a girl 10-17 yrs. of age, to wear a t-shirt saying "All My Ex's Still Love Me!" Huh?

9. And speaking about fashion...How (& why) are you homeless/cracked out wearing a "Hi Hater" t-shirt?

10. Is it cool to be 40+ STILL downloading ring tones?


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assataSAYS said...

aha! funny... VERY funny! it pisses me off even more when they bother to put the gloves on, start making my bacon and egg, stop to serve another customer, take the other customers money WITH THE GLOVES STILL ON, and then finish makin my sandwich. like... what was the point?!!

only in the hood...

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