Friday, August 22, 2008

"And I Wanna Thank You..."

Okay cue the music, cause there's a bunch of folks that I've been meaning to thank for helping with the success of the "Rock the Block BK" artist emergence event two Saturdays past. I finally got the time to sit down and write my acceptance speech list out. Start the drum roll please...

First and foremost, thanks goes out to YOU.
For supporting and believing in starting trends instead of following them. If Brooklyn is the "soil" then you guys are "the water & the sunlight" needed to help "the Movement" grow.

Thanks goes out to...Josh Hey. For being patience and seeing the vision I had for an iconic RTB BK logo. Too dope!

Thanks goes out to...
All the blogs/sites for posting the event w/out me asking cause a movement without the people is no movement at all.

Thanks goes out to...
All the venues (Frank White, Yume, NJV, and Bush Baby) for sharing your space and allowing us to plant the artistic seeds for the future to pick it's ripe fruit.

Thanks goes out to...Muhammida (Frank White). Hopefully you enjoyed your B'day as much as we ALL did! Next year even BIGGER! And warn the neighbors too (lol).

Thanks goes out to...Little House on Clinton /We Love Ya Like Cooked Food. For catering and saving me a plate. I'm STILL full off of that good grub.

Thanks goes out to...Stephanie Mei-Ling, & Rich Louissaint. For playing "paparazzi" for the event. Hold on to those pics, there's future stars in 'em.

Thanks goes out to...All the DJs. Especially Goldfinger, Spinna, and Scratch for treating the "regular folk" to what the industry has been knowing for years! "B.I.G. Pimpin' -a Notorious & Jigga tribute" HAS to become a tradition! Serious! Melo-X you next up.

Thanks goes out to...the Sound Boys, S.O.S. & Overload. For hearing the frustration in my voice, and setting up ASAP the day of. My faith has been renewed.

Thanks goes out to... Keistar Productions. You saw the vision from the start that this could be something BIG, and you "Rock'd" w/ us all the way through. Gotta LOVE you for that alone!

Thanks goes out to...Fresh Daily, Theophilus London, Vice Lounge, Ray 6, Print w/Good Day Good Night, Jesse Boykins III, and Honey LaRochelle. You were ALL were picked for a reason and proved why. Ernie Gaines you're next up brother!

Thanks goes out to...Shadow Plastic. For the on point t-shirts and the 11th hr. projector. exclusive licensing right next year.

Thanks goes out to...Sallomazing & Ahficionado Blackocaine. You guys make hosting look easy. You guys where the secret un-billed act.

Thanks goes out to...All the spoken word artist and live painters. RIP (Writer's Block) you can through in the clutch. Yaz, Pesu, Fly Lady Di, etc.... You gave me a "Art attack."

Thanks goes out to...Fokused Empire State, Coup D'etat BK, Kiser & the BKC. For styling the DJ's and artists with the freshest of wears. BK fashion to the fullest

Thanks goes out to...Ashley Mui. Co-event producer, Stylistic Agent no.#1! For giving 110% toward the project. From the Bay to BK baby! They not sleepin' on you NO more. Honorary African-American Asian. Lol.

See you guys next year "Rock the Block BK '09" Wait till folks see THAT one.


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Kindly welcome, wonderful event you guys put out. See ya next year. God willing. Be blessed


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