Tuesday, August 5, 2008

"Brooklyn Is Ya With Me?!" -The"Block Heads" Wanna Word With You.

Er'where I go, folks are just coming up to me testifying about how much of a historical event that this "Rock the Block BK" thing is gon' be! I ain't gonna lie, looking at the names of the talent involved with this project, I'm honestly "geeked" about it too! Every detail, from the talent to the food is on point. Anyways, I'm done talking bout it. Yume (live art, food, spoken word, DJ, Ernie Gaines debut performance), Frank White (Live acts w/bands, Djs, food, massages, B.I.G. & Jay tribute), Not Just Vintage/Bush Baby (food, DJ, sidewalk fashion show, open mic) in BK ALL DAY?!? Who wouldn't be talking about it? Hear them out...

"Come Follow Me Into The Matrix"