Monday, August 4, 2008

"Sip The Juice, I Got Enough To Go Around..." -

How come as SOON as we decided to honor Jigga (while he's still livin') VIBE magazine wants to jump on the bandwagon too? It's all good though, it just confirms the fact that we're on to something GREAT, by hosting the "B.I.G. Pimpin' " (Sat. Aug 9th btw) party. Anyways, Hova is the cover boy for their XV (sorry 15th for our non-Roman numeral readers) Anniversary Juice issue. That's a GOOD look son!

Sat. Aug 9th
"B.I.G. Pimpin' "-A Notorious & Jigga tribute
+ the "Rock the BlocK" After party event
Frank White -936 Atlantic Ave. (near Washington Ave.)
Music by DJ Scratch & DJ Spinna
$5 all nite, Free w/Rock the Block day pass

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