Friday, August 15, 2008

"Flashing Lights" -Paparazzi Pics (Pt. 75)

As you'll soon realize, I managed to make it over to the Vibe magazine's XV (15th) Anniversary event which was held at this reformed church on the west side of town. But wait let me start from the top. Monday night Fader hosted this event which boasted of a performance by Estelle (whom I saw in concert already), the Jill Scott thing at Wingate Park seemed iffy due to the down pour, so I jumped on the opportunity. Besides my "wingman" English bloke Adam "Adam West" is good friends with her (Estelle) so he insisted we go cheer her on. Dialed up BK newbie Tiara Chameleon, who just joined the RL family, to join us for some hang time and it was on. So now between her working for Rugby and Adam schelping for Purple Label, I was with a walking Ralph Lauren ad (lol)! The line to get in was long, yet it moved really quick. So A+ to them on that. Also kudos to the good looking turn out of people. I'm not sure if that was by design but, it was literally "a GOOD look!" Only down fall was the music selection being played till the acts got on (the worst) and the open bar was some wack watered down Ale (now come on Fader, I was looking to get faded). More on the Vibe jumpy was a lil' better but not much. D-Nice did a excellent job on the music as always. Naughty, Dougie Fresh, Estelle (again), Swiss Beats, Brand Nubians, and T.I. all took their turns on stage hyping the crowd up. But the real show was the "fashion" in the general crowd. Cause it was a black tie affair folks came out dipped. ALOT of well dress gay dudes, and women kiling it. Adam and I was the minority of hetero's dressed appropriately, so he (especially with his Brit accent) was scoring three pointers all night!. "I wouldn't mind seeing your sexy knickers on the floor of my new flat." was the winning line. But we somehow managed to still go home alone (?) So the moral of the story is "No matter how many points you score, it's winning the GAME that counts." (*Btw peep T.I. politely slap off the hand of some chick grabbing his tie, without blinking an eye.)

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Sallome Beta said...

I want to see ONE picture with Adam with a white girl... just ONE! lol

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