Tuesday, August 5, 2008

"Play On Player" Holly Would...Right Don?

Hollywood and the Media,
(shaking my head)
boy I tell ya!
You date ONE white women in this town and look how they hate on you! Come on now though...Posters?
Calling him out saying "Traitor"?
"The truth is complicated?"
I bet it is. Was she white or not Don? YES? See, was that complex at all? And what does Guy Pearce have to do with all this? He set you up I'm guessing right? Wait...hold up a minute. This is for some damn MOVIE? My bad dog, I got it ALL wrong homey. Glad to see you still working. Support Black actors. (*BTW, Don Cheadle has the leading role in a movie loosely based on me, as a frustrated Blogger on the come up, living in Bed-Stuy.)


Anonymous said...

pretty funny post!

Rasu said...


"Come Follow Me Into The Matrix"