Monday, August 11, 2008

"I Ain't Scared Of You Mother F**kers!" -Bernie "the Mac Man" Passes Over

Wow! I never saw this one coming. As much as death is a part of life, death ALWAYS has bad timing. And that's why we're so much in shock. I had the fond memory of seeing Bernie Mac earlier on in his career. He had such stage presence. But to go on a make full feature films (Transformers, Ocean's 11-13) and have a on going T.V. show (the Bernie Mac show), was proof that you can make something from "Not ting!" He was far from being "over-night." To me he was only second best to the late Robin Harris (who also died an untimely death) in comedic Southern style rawness in his delivery. We're not blood related, but he's still my "Uncle Bernie" to me.

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