Thursday, August 21, 2008

"Flashing Lights" -Paparazzi Pics (Pt.78)

What a small world we live in huh? Just the other day I get a call from my stylist friend whom I'm trying to recruit to join the Stylistics Agency asking did I know any "hipster brands" that she can pull for a video she was styling for. BINGO! Brian Wood came to mind instantly cause I had JUST post up his Fall stuff so boom, I link the two up. She hits me again asking about my camera skills and can I come shoot...But of course I can. Not a problem. It's at the Red Bull Space and it's from 12pm-7pm is all the info I'm going over there with. I get there, and it's a shoot for BK native artist 77klash, and the vibe is like one huge Labor Day dress rehearsal! Being that it was Red Bull's spot the product was free for the taking. So you can guess the energy was on TEN. So the video's you see below are NOT sped up, it's all that damn Red Bull! Of course I can't go ANYWHERE without running into SOMEBODY I know, In walks Daoud of Coup D'etat BK/SunShowah Films fame, who donated some of their wears to the cause too. It was a fun time till, two phones vanished and the hands that took'em. P#$$y hole thieves!

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Sallome Beta said...

yo, your boy second from the right in the yellow & shorts in the bottom video is Mucking Up!!! lmao

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