Friday, August 29, 2008

"Flashing Lights" -Paparazzi Pics (Pt.81)

This is EXACTLY what I needed to unwind after a loooog weekend/week! Some good music from an ol' soul. Janelle (Monae) got on first and proved why she belongs on the bill w/today's hit makers. Every time I see her performance (which is now up to four times this year alone) she gets even better! However Raphael Saadiq, who still is pushing the envelope through music and his sound and is a proven vet seemed nervous when he first hit the stage. But when he started getting the reverse of usual NYC crowd response (which usually means texting or staring and not cheering) he started warming up getting into swagger mode. There's a reason he's outlasted alot of bigger selling artist not around today...He's just f#@kin' GOOD! Period dot. Lucy Pearl, Toni Tone' Tony, HIS hits..he ran through 'em all. Of course being that he has a new album coming out soon he intermixed the new stuff into his set...And judging from the sound of it, it "Feels Good." Keita (KeiStar) and Veronica W., B'day Girl Renae & Co. joined Ash and I up front to catch the show in HD. Which was all good till Monae splashed folks with warm bottled water and crowd surfed through shallow crowd "waters." Back stage before he got on I requested he perform a song the I could dedicate to the readers of the Minority Report that couldn't make it, so peep the video for what we came up with! Lol!

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