Thursday, August 7, 2008

"Flashing Lights" -Paparazzi Pics (Pt.71)

"...What a day what a day" As Badu once said. After last Sunday, I was feeling why she may have said it. After a much needed run-through meeting with Ash about "Rock the Block BK" over a late breakfast. We headed over to Yume to link up with Mike and the Shadow Plastic boys about selling RTB BK t-shirts ($15 a pop folks hot off the press...literally). BK's newest fashionista/model extraordinaire Tiara Chameleon (yes, folks that's her birth name) soon joined and we were off to start our adventures in Williamsburg at Fresthetic's store one year anniversary event. Showed our face and support, copped some tasty flavored icies, then bounced to East New York. East New York!?! Yes, ENY. I had to, my Pop's was celebrating his 70th (it's okay to clap) B'day at my Godfather Rudy's crib so that was a "MUST -DO" on my daily agenda. His whole Panamanian crew was in attendance, so as his son, I would have been an out casted for life had I missed this. Besides, we hadn't ate since breakfast, and I knew the food would be a plenty there. I kid, I kid folks. Of course, I'm showing up! It's my father (some folks don't even know theirs) AND he's a BLACK MAN reaching 70? That's historical! Grubbed down with the fam, got some Red Bulls and "fire water" in me, and we're off to the Target first Saturday event at the Brooklyn Museum. It was Reggae & Calypso Brooklyn...on Eastern you know the crowd was thick as London fog. Ran into Tiffany (Butch Diva) w/ new BFF Melo, the BKC clan, the Pieces boutique family, and other BK local celebs, but only caught the tail-end of the set. Okay, last stop Yume...again. For a night cap soiree' that was the sexiest one yet. Whew!!! Well, that's was my Saturday. What did YOU do?

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Sallomazing! said...

you have the funnest life ever!

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