Thursday, August 7, 2008

The Darker Peter Parker " -The Other "Web Head"

Okay I've ALREADY missed 6 days but it's still not too late. I'm no Obama, but I need your support and valued vote for something a little less audacious. Here's the thing, there's this thing called the "Black Weblog Awards" (and NO...the show won't be broadcasted on BET) that I'm looking to be nominated for. But I can't do it for myself so this is where you guys come in at. Just go to this link:
And do as it's instructing you to do. It's fast and painless, plus you'll feel alot better about yourself once it's done. And oh btw, Thanks for reading and telling folks about the M. Report. Good news spreads fast, GREAT news spreads even faster. Now, where can I find a cheap tux from?

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