Wednesday, August 13, 2008

"Hanging On By A Thread(s)" -Don('t) Give Up Yet

Now, things have gone from bad to WORST!
After being deeply depressed about the whole "Traitor" poster controversy Don Cheadle is on yet ANOTHER poster looking as if his ready to "cash in his chips", and end it all with his tie as the means for suicide! Seems like just as I did, folks actually thought the movie ad was anything but that. And you KNOW how actors feel about bad press...yeah, just spell my name right. On a lighter note it's kinda good to see a black man's face posted up all over the hood and it not be a WANTED poster. Right? You are a GIANT indeed Don. Player that is, I see your movements. And yes I STILL want you to play lead role in my life story. It's an indie film w/ alotta heart.

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